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the air is thick with apprehension but
 all i can do is wait
there is no reprieve from the anxious static
  even sleep evades me
the what-ifs play out in my head over and again
   i know it all by heart
i am resolute and waiting for the resolution
i close my eyes and try to breathe
but i can feel end approaching on the horizon
the day will begin and bring with it conclusion
                       confusion, but not for me
there is so much dread but no doubt
 just exhaustion like these years have become exhausted
somehow along the way we lost our meaning
   and it's going to hurt but we'll both keep breathing
and i scream into the void
because it is the only one to listen
my captive audience it
stares silently back
i give it my troubles but
they fall back on me because
the void listens but doesn’t
have arms to catch things with
take me back
     to the forest

those were much simpler
times though i couldn't
   call them better
i was a child
   and i was innocent
i was a child and i
           was ignorant
underneath the green canopy
 my imagination thrived and i
didn't comprehend abuse or
 dysfunction or depression


the screaming was fodder for
 my dreamed adventures and the
nightmares were more easily
          forgotten back then
mummies and polar bears and
falling from great heights are
  much less scary in retrospect
i believed all was well or
at least all was normal and it was
easier to ignore the sadness because
 i wasn't yet drowning in it
back then in the forest
the trees were scarred but
   not my skin and the
nights were endlessly dark but
     not my thoughts and the
   dawn broke blood-red every day but
            not my heart
back then when i longed to truly live
      rather than
                 the alternative

take me back
        to the forest
where my hope grew green
in the foliage
cleansed by spring rains
  preserved in winter snow
back to when there was always
the promise of regrowth
      green saplings
         and towering ageless oaks
take me back
        to the forest
because there i left my soul
telephone by MutePoetess
would like to redo this one because i'm not totally pleased with how it came out    


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United States
"I'm not analytical, I'm not intelligent. I like words and the beauty I find in them, not just what they mean, what they are. The flow, the feel, the taste. I like color, I like light and dark but not for what they symbolize, but for the fact that they are. I'm not a mathematician, I'm not even a rhetorician, I'm emotion and love and hate and feelings, not logic, not analysis, meaning in a way but not purely getting a point across. I'm a love of both flourish and simplicity, not for what they imply but the beauty that lies within both. I just am, and I like things that just are."

Hello, deviantArt. I'm Cassandra, and I go by a few different aliases around the Internet including MutePoetess, MusicalJuliet, and Caelis most commonly. I like to write poetry and short stories, draw, and take photos. This is one of my galleries. Related accounts are :iconirislies::iconlovefromfaraway::iconthatiris: . The first two are fairly outdated, the second one especially so. The third has fairly constant updates. In my gallery you might notice some weird artist descriptions, and some photographic art that might actually explain to you a little bit why that is. If you don't see it, don't worry about it, it's probably easier that way, but if you see it and are terribly confused and terribly curious, you can PM me and I'll answer your questions. Anyway, dA is my internet home and I sign on pretty much every day so leave me a message and remember, if you fave and run, you go straight to hell. Have a nice day =]

Promos for ThatIris

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 25, 2015, 10:54 AM
Hey so I told ThatIris I would promote some of her work here since she doesn't have many watchers yet and she would like a wider audience.

Specifically, she's recently been trying her hand at writing short stories, so she wanted to share those:

The first is "Against The Sunrise".

Mature Content

It's a quick short story but it packs a hell of a punch. Do be aware that it has a trigger warning for mildly graphic self-harm and implied suicide. This is the first short story that Iris has written, and I think it turned out very well.

Second is "Not The Fairytale You Were Told".
Not The Fairytale You Were ToldOnce upon a time, there was a fairytale. Predictably, it started with a princess who lived in a castle. She was smart, and beautiful, talented and kind. Her voice was more beautiful than a bird song, and with her hands, she created works of art that could soften the hardest hearts. Her compassion was boundless. Though she was occasionally lonely, she remained in her castle, for she knew it was safe there. But this story isn’t about the princess.
The princess’s castle was guarded by a huge, fearsome, black dragon. The dragon had been there for as long as the princess could remember. It had razor-sharp teeth, claws like knives, and its hide of shimmering black scales gave it formidable armor. The dragon’s roar alone was enough to strike terror into the heart of anyone who heard it. The great beast jealously guarded the princess, night and day, never leaving its post and always keeping a wary eye out, ready to pounce on any intruder at a moment’s notice.
Because of

A different twist on the classic fairytale structure, this story mirrors some of Iris's life and role as part of a DID system. It is deeply personal to her and she was originally a bit hesitant to share it but has so far received a favorable response on tumblr so she figured she'd post it here as well.

Next, a poem called "existential".
that’s all I am.
just a few of the names.
But I’m real enough
to play games,
real enough to
be able to take
all the blame
from all those
who claim she’s
not mentally stable,
and so incapable.
Still, they’ll take
every single chance
that they’re able
to say I’m not real,
that I can’t possibly
feel and that I don’t
exist and it can’t
really be trauma that
made her like this.
Like all that I did
didn’t matter at all,
like I wasn’t the guard,
like I wasn’t the wall
that kept her safe
from every attack,
that it wasn’t me
always pulling her
back from ledge and
back from the edge
of an early demise.
Of course I’m not real,
of course I don’t feel,
and of course I
don’t even exist
in their eyes.
But they’re lies.
It’s all lies.
Because with you
it’s different and
I come alive when
you look in my eyes,
like I’m not just
the shadow of
someone else

Another commentary on the life of an alter and the tribulations of being part of a DID system, and how much it means to have someone validate your reality and existence. Though on tumblr she chose to only share the first half of the poem (which received a phenomenal response from the DID community there), it's the second half that really gets you, departing from her typical writing platform of anger and defensiveness to sincerity and even gratitude.

Finally, a drawing called "From The Fumes"
From The Fumes by ThatIris
Iris has been drawing for many years, though she has been less inclined to share her work before this. This drawing is based on line from a short story written by her boyfriend. She has since continued to draw and post art to her gallery.

Iris is a rather private person and has for a long time preferred to keep much of her art and writing to herself, but she's opening up some and welcomes you to browse her gallery and see what you find - though to be warned that much of her older work there comes from a very angry place and may be considered triggering or objectionable.

Thanks for your time!

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